GOT7 Jackson Is Jealous of Bam Bam?

GOT7 recently visited the set of “Cultwo Show,” where Jackson adorably expresses jealousy towards member Bam Bam.

On the show, a viewer says, “For your title track ‘Just Right,’ I heard that producer Park Jin Young complimented GOT7.” When GOT7 hears this, however, they deny, saying, “That’s not true. He only complimented Bam Bam.”

Bam Bam responds to the hosts’ question about why he was the only one who got the pat on the back, and says, “I don’t know. I guess I did well.”

Jackson has something to say to that, however, and speaks up, explaining exactly how Park Jin Young only complimented Bam Bam. “Park Jin Young said, ‘Hey, Bam Bam’s got the best feeling out of any one of you,’” imitates Jackson, letting out some of his jealousy.

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