Popular Drama “Oh My Ghost” to Be Exported to 8 Countries

Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk’s sweet ghost possession-filled romance drama, tvN’s “Oh My Ghost,” is experiencing great popularity domestically and internationally.

Although the drama has yet to end its run on television, televising rights for the drama have already been sold to eight countries. Ratings for the show continue to rise while VOD (video on demand) numbers continue to be explosive.

Amongst the eight countries that have bought televising rights are the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more. Televising rights are usually determined after the end of a drama or show, but extremely popular shows are able to sell televising rights earlier.

After airing the first episode on July 3, the ratings for the show have hit over 4 percent. These kinds of ratings for a cable network show are considered very high. Also, the drama continues to be first place concerning VOD downloads ever since the first episode. The drama has recorded over 15 million views on portal sites within a month. Likewise, the search word ranking for the drama remains very high.

Producers of the show commented, “We are experiencing great interest that is reflected in not only the ratings, but also offline reactions. Due to this support, the actors and staff members are able to avoid getting weary and have strength during filming despite the sweltering heat. We will work hard to deliver a good drama until the very end. We are very thankful and ask for a lot of love until the final episode.”

Have you checked out the popular drama? What are your thoughts on it?

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