Song Triplets Transform Into Adorable Students at Historical School on “Superman Returns”

Superman Returns” just uploaded a new preview clip of the adorable Song triplets spending their day at Cheonghakdong Village School, where they get a chance to be educated like they would have in historical times.

In the video, the professor asks the triplets, “Who is the oldest?” and the maknae Man Se says, “Me.” Knowing something is off, the professor asks him again, “You’re the oldest, Man Se?” and Man Se still says, “Yes.”

Right then, Min Gook interrupts, “No. [The oldest is] Song Dae Han,” and cutely calls Dae Han, “Dae Han hyungnim.” Dae Han then replies, “Brother.” After observing the two, Man Se finally says to Min Gook, “Ming hyung,” and Min Gook answers, “Yes.”

Later, when the triplets are learning the Chinese characters and have to recite a memorization song, the professor asks Man Se to recite it alone.

Man Se does a great job at first, getting through the first line without any problems. He gets stuck on the next verse, however, and the professor jokingly tells him, “If you can’t recite it, you have to stay here and live with me. Do you want to live with me, Man Se?”

Suddenly feeling scared, Man Se shakes his head no and starts getting teary-eyed.

Oh no, poor Man Se!

To see more of what happens, watch the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns” on August 9 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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