Jessica’s Representative Responds to Reports of Plans For Solo Debut in China

Now that former Girls’ Generation member Jessica has officially left her agency SM Entertainment, some news outlets have been reporting that she is gearing up for a solo debut as a singer. One report recently claimed that Jessica finished recording an album in Korea six months ago, and is planning to debut in China.

On August 6, Jessica’s legal representative responded to these reports by stating, “The articles that claim that Jessica has finished recording an album are completely false.”

They go on to say, “She still has no plans related to an album. She went to a friend’s studio for fun, but there was absolutely no talk about an album.”

The composer that Jessica was rumored to be working with has also responded to the rumors. “It’s not true that Jessica is releasing a new song,” says songwriter Gentleman on August 6. Gentleman explains that he had been introduced to Jessica early this year through Tyler Kwon and had met her at his studio in Seoul.

“She only tried recording a song for fun that I’d played for her,” Gentleman continues. “There was no discussion about her coming out with a new song.”

Another representative of Jessica also told Star News, “Jessica needs to make some decisions about her course of action for the future, and she has a lot of things to do like filming commercials. In addition to her work with her fashion brand, she will be continuing activities as a singer in the future as well.”

Would you like to see Jessica debut as a solo artist?

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