Song Triplets Get Scolded and Chu Sarang Eats Like a Champ in “Superman Returns” Preview

On August 9’s episode of “Superman Returns,” the Song triplets head to Cheonghakdong Village School with Chu Sarang and her BFF Yuto to learn about traditional etiquette.

In a preview video for the episode, Song Il Gook‘s triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are seen being scolded by the teacher for not eating all the food that they had taken. Manse and Minguk are barely holding back tears as the three of them raise their hands in the air. They’re then told to say “I’ll eat it all,” and Minguk politely bows as he vows to eat everything on his plate next time in a teary voice.

Chu Sarang is then left on her own as the other kids take their trays away, but she doesn’t look bothered at all by the challenge of eating the rest of her food. The teacher asks her, “Do you think you can eat it all?” and she replies with no hesitation, “Yes!”

After some time passes and she just keeps on chewing, the teacher turns to her and says, “If you can’t eat it all, all you have to do is just be punished one time.”

In lieu of a reply, Chu Sarang just stuffs some more food in her mouth. You go, girl!

You can see the rest of this episode of “Superman Returns” when it airs on KBS on August 9.