Singer Lee Seung Hwan to Stage Record-Breaking Six-Hour Concert in September

Legendary rock ballad singer Lee Seung Hwan, who is known for his amazing live performances, is taking on a huge challenge next month as he plans to break his own record by holding a six-hour long concert!

According to his agency Dream Factory, he will be performing the concert on September 19 at the Uniqlo Ax Hall in Seoul. The concert will start at 4 p.m. and last until 10 p.m.

Back in September 2012, Lee Seung Hwan set the record in Korea for the longest solo concert when he performed 52 songs in total during a show that lasted a whopping five hours and forty minutes. His agency says, “Lee Seung Hwan is preparing sixty songs for this concert. There will be a twenty-minute intermission during the concert when dinner will be provided.”

Amazingly, Lee Seung Hwan will also be performing another concert the day before at the same location. This concert on the eve of his record-breaking challenge will be about two hours long. Dream Factory says, “At the concert on the evening before, Lee Seung Hwan will be singing hit songs from his repertoire as well as performing songs from his new album for the first time.”

They add, “This is not about simply performing for a long period of time. Instead, it’s a challenge to try to see how long a perfect performance can last for.”

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