IU Reveals How She is Similar to Her “Producer” Character Cindy

IU revealed that even she has had her moments with her manager.

On the episode of China’s Sohu TV and iQiyi’s “Star From Korea,” aired on August 7, IU says she was a little bit of both when asked, “Are you as harsh to your manager as Cindy is in “Producer?”’

“We’re human too, so it’s inevitable that we see each other’s good sides and also get on each other’s nerves after spending 10 to 20 hours together,” she says. “I also have a quick temper. I used to argue a lot with my ex-manager. I even threw the car key saying I was never seeing him again.”

Meanwhile, IU is also asked, “Do you have any drinking habits?”

“No. I’m working on increasing my alcohol tolerance,” she says. “Last year I could drink up to three cups, and now I’ve increased it to five. I vomit by the time I reach seven to eight cups. I don’t have any drinking habits because I end up snapping out any drunken haze once I throw up. I like mixing my drinks, like soju and beer.”

“Star From Korea” is a show for Korean star lovers from all over the world. Not only does it give them the most up-to-date information about the stars, but it also passes on back stage stories and the trivial details about celebrities as well.

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