Top K-Drama Moments From the Final Week of July

Recently, our K-drama OTPs coped with hard-to-ignore truths while the villains got their comeuppance. We like to finish off the month with our favorite stories barreling through, and these moments did not disappoint as they’re all about breakthroughs.

1. “Oh My Ghost”: The truth comes out

Like many people, we’re not sure if Chef likes Bong Sun, Soon Ae, or the combination of both, but what we like about this scene is that Sun Woo is finally able to confess.

After watching the woman he loved fall for his friend because he was too slow, then spending several more years by her side after his death, still unable to confess, we are so happy to see him succumb to his feelings and confess to someone who’s “like family.”

Another reason this moment makes the list is that’s it’s another two-for-one deal as both ladies hear the confession. Why do we suddenly find ourselves supporting polyamory?

2. “The Time We Were Not in Love”: BFFs again

After Won expressed his affections to Ha Na and she reconciled with Seo Hoo, the BFF’s relationship became strained and distant. As some time passed, however, they struck a breakthrough. She accepts Won’s offer of [a renewed] friendship after she held back her desire to pick it back up out of consideration for his feelings.

Their separation have made them realized the value of their relationship, but it is our hope that these two don’t settle being just friends and will soon become lovers instead.

3. “Mask”: No love for you

There are two sides to every coin and Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon exemplify the bad side.

Mi Yeon loves her vengeful husband so much that she’ll be his shield when needs protecting. She’ll do anything for him, even murder his mistress.

After Min Woo and Ji Sook expose his evil schemes, Seok Hoon pulls a runner, and with nowhere to go, he runs into his wife’s car. She has just exposed her own murderous deed, and now that they only have prison life to look forward to in Korea, she proposes that they run away together. However, he wants none of that. Doesn’t she understand that he used her to get to her father? But she doesn’t care. When he makes it clear that he won’t be going with her, she begs him to tell her—even if it’s a lie—that he loves her. As always, though, he’s too blind to see what’s right in front of him and tells her he doesn’t love her. Our hearts break for the pitiful Mi Yeon whose life was ruined the moment she fell in love with the wrong man.

4. “The Time We Were Not in Love”: The reason I couldn’t love you

Dae Yoon was Won’s close friend in high school. He also liked Ha Na and relied on Won to help him woo her, asking his friend to give her his letters. Those love letters never reached Ha Na though, as Won also liked her. However, Dae Yoon’s sudden death weighed heavily on Won. Because of his guilt, Won vowed to Ha Na that he would never fall in love with her. Won never told anyone his secret but his writing was his outlet; a script for class told his story, and his wise teacher knew of Won’s hidden feelings for Ha Na. However, the recent passing of the beloved professor, whose last words of living life without regrets reverberated with Won, helps him to let go of his guilt and give himself a chance with Ha Na.

He gives her his old script, allowing her to discover his reason for why he couldn’t fall in love with her. After work, Ha Na is met by Won, who seems more hopeful and fearless, especially as she knows his secret. So, what’s next for these friends? Will we finally see romance bloom between them in the next episodes? Please, let’s hope so!

5. “High Society”: A done deal

The other sweet pair of “High Society” got their deserved happy ending!

With his mother’s blessing, Chang Soo will be able to marry Ji Yi. After straightening things out with his mom, Chang Soo waits for Ji Yi at her home. Since he’s a not-so-normal guy who loves a not-so-normal girl, his proposal to her is extra special. He asks her if she wants to live with him, and Ji Yi answers yes without even a second thought. The young lovers embrace, sealing their time together.

Although this isn’t a grand proposal, we would have been ecstatic to say yes to Chang Soo in that moment, too.

6. “I Remember You”: You have me


Lee Hyun is torn up about the fact that his little brother has quite possibly grown up to be a serial killer and all because of Min’s anger towards him. Lee Hyun feels that Min’s situation is his fault. Maybe if he never told Joon Young the truth about Min then maybe things would have been different for his brother. Maybe Min wouldn’t have experienced the trauma of abandonment. As he explains his pain to Ji An, the two tear up, and she hugs him. He thanks her with a kiss on the forehead, revealing just how close they’ve become.

It’s a bittersweet scene, but we are glad that with Ji Hyun’s presence, Lee Hyun won’t have to endure the sadness all on his own.

That’s all for this batch of top K-Drama moments! Share your thoughts below, and let’s do it again next time!

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