Tablo and Haru to Make First MV Appearance Together for Simon D’s Comeback

Beloved father-daughter pair Tablo and Haru are slated to make their first-ever music video appearance together!

On August 6, Tablo’s wife Kang Hye Jung uploaded onto her personal Instagram for Haru a cut from rapper Simon D‘s music video shoot featuring Tablo and Haru with the caption, “Rap-blo and rock-Haru supporting appearance #SimonDcomeback #comingsoon.”

Simon D, producer Gray, DJ Pumpkin, and other AOMG artists have also uploaded photos and video snippets of Tablo and Haru from the music video set.

Simon D Tablo Haru

Tablo is known to be good friends with Simon D, having run the corner “Weekly Simon D” of “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio” with Simon D and Gray since last year.

Simon D’s upcoming single “Simon Dominic” is his first release in roughly two and a half years. The music video and single is slated to drop on August 12 at noon, KST.

Who else is hyped to see Tablo and Haru in Simon D’s new music video?!

Simon D