Park Hyun Bin and His Girlfriend Pronounced Husband and Wife Today

Singer Park Hyun Bin has tied the knot today, August 8, with his wife who is four years younger than him.

Their private wedding was held at Seoul Walker-Hill Hotel, where his close friends like Nam Jin, Insooni, Hong Kyung Min, and other famous stars congratulated their special day.

Park Hyun Bin wedding

Park Hyun Bin was dating his non-celebrity wife for five years before he proposed to her. During the press conference, the singer said, “I never hid [my relationship] from the public. I’ve always been with her. It’s just that the public doesn’t care about me,” and laughed.

After his wedding, Park Hyun Bin plans to go to Hawaii for his honeymoon and settle in his newlywed house in Gyeonggi-do.

Congratulations to the newlywed couple!

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