IU Smiles for Park Myung Soo Even at His Most Embarrassing Moments on “Infinity Challenge”

IU has proved that she’s a saint, as she even smiles through her music festival partner Park Myung Soo’s deadly farts.

On August 8’s episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” the members and their musician partners get together to determine what order they’ll be performing in at their upcoming music festival.

While Yoo Jae Suk is talking away, Kwanghee says he smells something awful and exposes Park Myung Soo for farting. Though IU also seems to have noticed her partner’s accident, she keeps on smiling and stays quiet.

IU fart 2

“He’s taking a few step backwards because IU is here,” Jung Hyung Don says, revealing that Park Myung Soo farted in the back.

IU fart 3

Kwanghee comments on IU’s character, saying, “You stayed quiet even after hearing the sound of his fart. That’s so kind of you.”

IU fart 4

Are you more like IU or Kwanghee when your friend slips and farts in front of you?

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