Yook Sungjae Cries With Fear on a Horror Movie Date with Joy on “We Got Married”

On August 8’s episode of “We Got Married,” Yook Sungjae and Joy go on a date to see a horror film together.

Yook Sungjae is completely terrified at the thought before they even head into the theater, but he says he’s going to act totally cool. “If I see a ghost, instead of being scared I’ll just say hello to it,” he promises Joy.


It’s a totally different story once they get into the theater though. They’re the only ones there to watch the movie, which seems to make things even worse. Yook Sungjae even jumps when the doors close and when the movie comes up on the screen. But he tells Joy that since he’s an actor, he’ll just pretend like he’s not scared at all, and so during a scary scene he just strokes her hair and then covers her ears.


He seems to be losing his cool though. He tries to keep it up, and tells Joy, “If you think that you’re scared, then it just makes you more scared,” but immediately after he collapses in laughter and fear in her lap. He can’t take it anymore! When he gets up he hides behind their blanket and laughs, “I don’t think that’s true actually!”


Now he just gives in to the fear and starts reacting to everything scary on screen with even more fear than Joy. “I can’t watch this!” he says at one point, “Seriously!”

Things start to really go downhill after that, as he gets so scared he starts to cry. “I think that person’s going to die!” he says to Joy, half laughing and half crying.

Later on he just yells, “Why are we watching this?!”

Watch the two of them react to the film below!

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