Wonder Girls Shares Clips of Band Rehearsals on New Reality Show

In the first episode of Wonder Girls‘ new show “Real Wonder Girls: The Secret of Wonder Girls’ Comeback,” fans get a glimpse of the group rehearsing as a four-member band with their instruments.

Although they haven’t been able to perform live on most music shows during their comeback, the group recently performed versions of their hit songs “Tell Me,” “Nobody,” and “I Feel You” on their instruments on the show “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

Their new reality show’s first episode features clips of the members practicing as a band as far back as September of 2014. They’re also seen rehearsing their new version of “Tell Me” as well as preparing to shoot their instrument teaser videos for their new album “Reboot.”

Yubin is also seen getting a bit frustrated as she practices, and then she shows off her notebook of all her theory and music sheets that she’s been working on.

You can watch the Wonder Girls members rehearse below – complete with English subtitles!

Are you impressed by Wonder Girls’ musical skills?