Lee Jung Jae Keeps Box Office Promise By Doing Live Interview on “Entertainment Weekly”

Actor Lee Jung Jae‘s latest film “Assassinationhas been a huge hit, and he’s now fulfilling the box office promises he made before its release!

On his last appearance on the show “Entertainment Weekly” on July 18, Lee Jung Jae promised that if over 8.15 million tickets were sold for “Assassination,” he’d come to the show’s studio for a live interview. “It’ll be my last promotion for ‘Assassination,'” he had said with a huge laugh.

He also vowed at a red carpet gala that he would stage a free hug event if ticket sales reached that number, and he kept that promise by holding a free hug event on August 7 with one hundred of his fans. His co-star Jun Ji Hyun has also fulfilled her pledge to donate lunch boxes to charity if the movie sold over 5 million tickets.

On August 8, Lee Jung Jae came through on his other box office promise by going to the “Entertainment Weekly” studios for a live interview. The audience and the hosts go absolutely wild when he enters, and he even gives a hug to host Shin Hyun Joon.


Shin Hyun Joon comments, “I’ve been doing ‘Entertainment Weekly’ for six years now, and this is the first time the energy in here has ever been so crazy.”

The hosts ask him if he doesn’t regret making the promise, since he had to come to the studio on a Saturday evening.


“It’s been such a long time since I’ve been to a studio for a live show so I’m a bit nervous,” he says. “Still, I’m so grateful that over 8.15 million people went to see the movie, so I wanted to express my thanks.”

The hosts say that in return, they’re going to keep their own promise to devote thirty seconds of the show to promoting “Assassination,” so Lee Jung Jae pretends to prepare to get into a long-winded summary of the film. As everyone laughs, Shin Hyun Joon yells out, “That’s all the time we have!”

During the interview, Shin Hyun Joon says, “Many people are curious. Can we look forward to seeing you work with your ‘official boyfriend’ Jung Woo Sung again in the future?”

Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung have been best friends since they filmed the movie “City of the Rising Sun” together in 1999. After laughing at the “official boyfriend” joke, Lee Jung Jae replies, “We’ve been making plans to try to work together for years now, but it really hasn’t been easy. We want to do another film together soon too – before we get any older.”


Lee Jung Jae is currently filming the action movie “The Day the Tables Turn” (working title), which is set to hit theaters in 2016.

Do you want to see Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung star in another film together?

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