Cha Ye Ryun Reveals the Fighter Behind the Pretty Actress on “Running Man”

Actresses will be showing up on “Running Man” to reveal the competitive fighter behind their pretty façade.

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” that will air on August 9, actresses Lee Yo Won and Cha Ye Ryun will be appearing as guests. Appropriately, the theme of the opening will be related to drama production presentations.

When Yoo Jae Suk asks Cha Ye Ryun her resolutions for this race, she says, “I’ll be working hardcore,” surprising everyone with her competitive spirit.

Cha Ye Ryun also wows the crowd by getting along with not only the members, but spectators, as well, even though it is her first time on the show. Her energetic aura is enough to please the producers.

Cha Ye Run running man 3 Cha Ye Run running man 2

In your opinion, who was the fiercest female guest on “Running Man?”

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