Black Nut Heavily Criticized for Behavior in Diss Battle With Song Mino on “Show Me the Money 4”

The August 7 episode of “Show Me the Money 4” became yet another issue regarding rapper Black Nut, this time with Black Nut’s disappointing performance in his diss battle with Song Mino.

Previously, the show created a buzz with the controversial elimination of Black Nut, based on the fact that the rapper wore sunglasses. San E and Verbal Jint later retracted their decision to eliminate Black Nut and eliminated Hanhae instead, putting Zico and Paloalto’s team a step back, as their diss battle opponent ended up changing last minute just two days before the final diss battle.

Following, all eyes were on Black Nut and Song Mino for the latest episode of the show, the two rappers finally going head-to-head in a diss exchange. Black Nut, who is known for his disses, and Song Mino, who was at an express disadvantage in terms of preparation time.

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However, the episode inevitably became yet another issue, this time with Black Nut’s lack of manners to Song Mino. Stumbling over lyrics aside, Black Nut got down on his hands and knees, heading Song Mino’s legs like a dog, making a play on the lyrics to Mino’s song “I’m Him.” Moreover, during Song Mino’s turn, Black Nut brought out a bamboo pillow and laid down, causing the rapper producers on the show to shake their heads with extreme disapproval.

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Contestants and producers alike had something to say following the diss battle.

Geegooin: “It’s all good and fun, but… is [Black Nut] just dissing, or does he want to fight?”

Jay Park: “I thought this battle was practically a mission made for Black Nut, but he was below expectations.”

Incredible: “[Laying down] when someone’s rapping, is a bit too much..He’s laying down on a pillow.. who would be able to pay attention to what Mino is saying?”

Lil Boi: “When someone’s rapping, no matter the fact that it’s a battle, doing something that draws attention isn’t right. I’m not a fan of that. Winning dirty, cheating to win.”

Innovator: “I was a little disappointed in Black Nut today,” “The audience there was not listening to Song Mino’s rap.”

Loco: “It’s an issue simply of manners.”

Before the winner announcement, Zico expressed his frustration, saying, “It seemed like they were preparing something. It was a rap battle but they kept preparing props. It felt like ‘Superstar K’ or something.”

In the end, the winner of the team battle came down to six votes (highlight to see who won [Team Brand New Music (San E and Verbal Jint)]).

Watch the diss battle below:

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