Simon D Experiencing Money Problems Ahead of New Album Release: “I Haven’t Worked in 8 Months”

Rapper Simon D has discussed his money issues ahead of the release of his new album.

Appearing on the August 9 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” Simon D revealed the difficulties he is experiencing as a result of his latest album. “It’s been really hard recently because it’s the period before the album comes out. I can’t even rest on Sunday.”

“I’m paying off my card debt with other cards. I have no money because of credit card debt. I haven’t worked in eight months. But I’m not on the run because of money,” he said, drawing laughter.

“I’m going to rest after the album comes out because our agency doesn’t force us to promote,” he continued. “I am more worried that I will fail as a representative of my agency than I am burdened by the fact that it’s a solo album.” He also added that “I want to perform my new songs as soon as possible.”

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