B1A4 Baro Says He’s Considering Long-Term Service in the Military?

B1A4’s Baro, currently experiencing military life with fellow celebrities Im Won Hee, Kim Young Chul, Lee Kyu Han, Sleepy, Sam Okyere, Julian Kang, and Don Spike, has expressed an affinity for the military, saying that he really likes it.

On the August 9 episode of MBC’s “Real Men,” Baro says while eating breakfast, “I like the military because they let you sleep a lot. I usually only get to sleep two or three hours. [Today] I slept a lot and woke up at 4 a.m. I’m thinking about long-term service.”

Lee Kyu Han then asks if Baro likes the food, to which he says, “It really suits my tastes. I really like it here.”

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