Gary Blushes at Cha Ye Ryun’s Aegyo on “Running Man”

On August 9’s episode of “Running Man,” Gary and actress Cha Ye Ryun seem to surprise even themselves by suddenly flirting on the way to their next mission.

While the two are riding in the car with team member Kim Jong Kook, Gary asks what Cha Ye Ryun’s real name is, and she admits that it’s Park Hyun Ho, which she says sounds like a boy’s name. Gary and Kim Jong Kook decide to call her Hyun Ho from them on.

Later on when they’re back in the car, Gary tells Cha Ye Ryun that she seems like a bit of a tomboy. “I have a lot of friends who are guys,” she replies. “If I film something with a guy, a lot of the time we get comfortable with each other and become friends.”


Gary says, “In a cafe, you order a cup of coffee,” but Cha Ye Ryun interrupts him with a laugh. “Are you saying we should go get a coffee?” she jokes.


“What does that mean?” asks Gary. “Are we starting a love line? Hey Hyun Ho, just wait a little for me.”


Cha Ye Ryun replies in a cute voice, “Okay, Hee Gun oppa,” using Gary’s real name.


“Oh my god!” says Gary in delight, totally floored by her aegyo as he covers his face. “What should I do?!”


Check out this episode of “Running Man” to see this new “love line” try to win the game! Do you think they’d make a good couple?

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