“Superman Returns” Chu Sung Hoon and Uhm Tae Woong’s Familes Have a Play Date With Friends

It looks like two of the families of “Superman Returns” had a great time with friends on August 9! Throughout the day, Uhm Tae Woong‘s wife Yoon Hye Jin, Chu Sung Hoon‘s wife Yano Shiho, and their host actress Byun Jung Soo posted some photos of their happy gathering.

Smiling happily in the photos are the stars of “Superman Returns,” Chu Sung Hoon, Yano Shiho, and their daughter Chu Sarang, as well as Yoon Hye Jin, Uhm Tae Woong, and their daughter Uhm Ji On. Sisters and actresses Byun Jung Soo and Byun Jung Min and their families, as well as some of their friends, are also in the photos. It seems like all the families came together at Byun Jung Soo’s home for a fun day together.

Byun Jung Soo posted a shot of the group on her Instagram, which Yoon Hye Jin reposted with the caption, “Unni, thank you so, so much for today~~!!!” She adds “For your information, Sarang kept holding on to my hand as she said, ‘Ji On’s mom, what are you doing?’ and I cuddled with her…. Thank you, Sarang. On Jeju Island, I wanted to hug you so bad I thought I would die.”

Byun Jung Soo also uploaded a photo of Chu Sarang swimming with some of the older girls at the party with the caption, “Just the right age for swimming.”


She also shared a shot of Chu Sarang and Uhm Ji On playing together.


Byun Jung Soo then uploaded a photo of all the girls playing together with their moms, and included the caption, “Kids, you’re the cutest at times like these.”


Both Byun Jung Soo and Yoon Hye Jin then shared photos of all the kids watching a movie in the backyard, as well as the parents behind them chatting.


Lastly, Yano Shiho also posted some photos of the day on her Instagram, including one of the kids hanging out as they watch the movie.


You can see both Uhm Ji On and Chu Sarang every Sunday on “Superman Returns” on KBS.

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