f(x) Luna Is Touched By INFINITE L’s Romantic Proposal on “A Song For You”

On August 9’s episode of “A Song For You,” f(x)’s Luna steps in for host Amber, who was unable to attend filming that day. She joins regular hosts Super Junior‘s Kangin and B1A4‘s Gongchan to welcome their guests INFINITE.

During the show, the guys of INFINITE try to help out a viewer who’s looking for ideas for how to propose to his girlfriend. In order to find the best method, some of the members try to win Luna over with their proposals using some props provided by the show.

Dongwoo proposes by putting his arm around Luna, getting her to look the other way, and then surprising her by bringing a ring in front of her while she’s distracted. She’s not impressed though, and tells him the ring doesn’t fit.


Then Sungjong suggests that he give her a foot massage, and despite Luna’s refusal, he keeps insisting. In the end, she says to him, “Are you trying to fight with me?”


The last contestant that we see is L, who acts out the confession scene from “Love Actually,” complete with pretending to knock on an imaginary door and holding up a sketchbook with a romantic message.


He doesn’t say a word as he flips the pages of the book which read, “Luna! It’s already been a thousand days since we started dating. ^^ Do you remember when we first met? On a rainy day, in a red telephone box…” He hands her a toy telephone box and then continues. “I’ll be your umbrella for the rest of your life. I love you~”


He then takes a ring out of the telephone box and presents her with it.


“You pass!” says Luna, totally touched. “I love you too! You’re the best!”


Even Kangin acknowledges that it was a good proposal. But everyone’s wondering when L had the time to prepare all that. So the show rewinds to show L writing the notes in the book while the other members were trying to woo Luna with their proposals.


Would you say yes to L’s proposal?

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