Kim Go Eun Is an Innocent Beauty With a Sexy Twist for High Cut

Kim Go Eun, who has recently made a comeback with the movie “Memories of the Sword,” showed off her innocent but also sexy charms for High Cut magazine.

In the pictorial that was revealed, the beautiful actress poses for the camera with very little makeup and comfortable clothes. She is also shown lazing around in bed and enjoying the summer sun for a very natural, Sunday afternoon concept shoot.

kim go eun 2

In the interview that took place after the pictorial, Kim Go Eun talked about her new movie, “Memories of the Sword.” She said, “There were about 80 shoots in total, and every single time, I was on wires. There wasn’t a single day without an action scene. I trained until I couldn’t breathe anymore. But because I went through this process, I was able to get to the point where I could act even in the midst of all the action.”

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun’s full pictorial can be found on the August issue of High Cut, which was released on August 6.

kim go eun 1

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