Park Myung Soo Reveals Surprisingly Handsome Photo From 15 Years Ago

Park Myung Soo revealed a past photo of himself and compared it to his current self, inciting laughter.

On August 9, the comedian uploaded a profile picture of himself from 15 years ago onto his social media. In the photo, he looks surprisingly handsome, with perfect skin and a baseball cap and shades.

Following that, he posted another picture of himself, this time in the recording room as part of the “Infinity Challenge Song Festival.” He looks completely different from 15 years ago. He says, “15 years ago, Gpark, so live diligently. Time goes by too quickly. Completely ruined, completely old, old person.”

Meanwhile, Park Myung Soo will collaborate with IU at the upcoming “Infinity Challenge Song Festival” on August 13.

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