“Superman Returns” Song Minguk Comforts Manse and Wipes Away His Tears: “Manse, Don’t Cry”

On the latest episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Minguk impressed viewers with his adorable love for his brothers.

The Song triplets, Chu Sarang, and Yuto take a trip to get etiquette lessons, and at one point in their lessons, the children have to recite four Chinese characters.

Minguk, who goes first among the brothers, recites the characters correctly, and is rewarded with a persimmon treat.

song minguk victory ceremony 0

Manse goes next, but is unable to remember all four. The instructor sternly says, “If you can’t do it, you’ll have to stay here alone. You won’t be able to go home and you’ll have to live with me. Manse, are you going to live with me?”

Manse, greatly upset, starts crying, and Daehan and Minguk start to give him worried looks.

daehan minguk manse superman returns 0

When Manse is unable to stop, Minguk intervenes, and wipes Manse’s tears, saying, “Manse, don’t cry.” He then hands his little brother the persimmon that he was given as a reward earlier, which promptly makes Manse’s tears disappear.

song minguk persimmon

Moved, the teacher gives Minguk two more treats for his kind actions. Triumphantly saying, “Persimmon!” he goes to give one to Daehan, but is stopped by the instructor, as Daehan needs to have his turn at the quiz and a chance to win his own.

song il gook minguk superman returns

Watch the clip below.