MAMAMOO Moonbyul Sustains Minor Injury During Idol Star Athletics Championships

It seems the inevitable has happened: an idol has been injured during the Idol Star Athletics Championships. Luckily, it is not serious.

The championships for track and field, basketball, futsal, and archery are being held for two days, August 10 and 11, and in the middle of a track race, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul fell, sustaining a minor injury. 

A representative of the group stated to news outlets, “With the finals ahead of her, Moonbyul fell during a sprint race. While she did sustain some scratches and bruises, she was not severely hurt and was treated on site. After treatment, she will be returning to the competition.”

Following the mishap, Moonbyul reassured fans through her Twitter. “I’m okay~ Don’t worry! Cheer me on for archery so I can finish with results as good as the amount I’ve practiced.” 

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