Uee Names Which Girls Groups Have Caught Her Eye Amid Summer Comeback Storm

The K-Pop market is currently a sea of girl groups, especially with a slew of heavy hitters making comebacks this summer, but Uee says a few still caught her eye.

In a recent interview following the ending of “High Society,” Uee discussed future plans for her girl group After School, and the general girl group trend in the market.

“All the After School members got together one day to calculate how long we’ve been on a break,” Uee said. “I think we’ve been gone for over two years.”

“However we’ve agreed that we shouldn’t feel obligated to make a comeback with a mediocre song that doesn’t represent the group. We can’t disappoint fans who want to see performances like those from our debut,” she added.

“We also have to think about people who left the group or graduated. I want our activities to make them proud,” she said.

When asked, “Are there any girl groups that caught your eye,” she said, “Of course there are. AOA members are charming and Wonder Girls are back as well.”

“I heard that Wonder Girls are playing instruments along with choreography. Our team knows how hard that is more than any other team. That’s why I can relate all the more to them,” she said. “As a fan who really enjoyed ‘Tell Me,’ their comeback is all the more meaningful to me.”

Which girl groups have caught your eye this summer?

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