Epik High’s Mithra Jin Enjoys Summer Getaway With Soon-to-Be Wife Kwon Da Hyun

Epik High’s Mithra Jin is a happy man this summer, especially since he has a beautiful girlfriend (and soon-to-be wife) at his side.

On August 10, Mithra Jin’s girlfriend Kwon Da Hyun posted a selfie with her boyfriend on Instagram.

In the picture, the two are smiling at the camera with their backs to the ocean. Mithra Jin looks especially happy as he smiles brightly behind his girlfriend. Kwon Da Hyun added the caption, “Lala always looks happy,” to show her affection for her lover, Lala being her nickname for Mithra Jin.

Meanwhile, Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun publicly confirmed their relationship last December, and on August 10 announced that they would be tying the knot this October.

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