Lee Jong Hyuk and Park Hee Bon in Talks for tvN Drama

Actors Lee Jong Hyuk and Park Hee Bon are currently in talks to join tvN‘s drama “Bubble Gum.”

An associate from tvN told Osen on August 10, “Lee Jong Hyuk and Park Hee Bon have been offered roles in ‘Bubble Gum,’ but they are not confirmed yet. We are still in talks.”

“Bubble Gum” will be a romance drama that will be the drama debut of writer Lee Mina, who is known for her book “That Man, That Woman” and also is the main writer for radio program “Music City.” The upcoming drama will be directed by Producer Kim Byung Soo, who worked on the critically-acclaimed “NineNine Time Travels.” Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won have been confirmed to be the leads previously.

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