SM Entertainment Launches MV-Making “Everyshot” App

SM Entertainment and Everysing Korea launched the Everyshot app, through which users create and share videos.

On August 11, SM Entertainment opened the Everyshot service on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, allowing users to upload videos that they shot and edited on their smartphones onto their own channels and share them on various social media platforms. They can also view videos from other users all over the world through the app.

The app allows videos of up to 18 seconds, and users can use songs that are already on the Everyshot app, or they can use songs that they recorded on the Everysing app.

Everyshot will add on new functions after the launch, including various filters and rewind functions. They will also reveal pictures of artists that can only be viewed on Everyshot, and will be used also as a mobile fan club service platform.

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