Lee Tae Im Opens Up About Past Controversy With Yewon

Lee Tae Im, who was involved in a controversy with Yewon, gave her first interview since the incident.

The actress revealed that when the controversy first unfolded and everyone sided with Yewon, “Honestly, since the world was only on Yewon’s side, I felt even worse about her.”

She continued, “Even though bad things had happened between us, we were colleagues in the industry, so I was very disappointed and heartbroken that [Yewon] didn’t say anything when all those untrue articles were coming out and she was only acting like she was waiting for an apology from me. I thought, ‘I’m going to be exiled [from the industry] like this.’ I was very sad.”

However, when the video of the controversy was released, things turned and Lee Tae Im was the one with public support. About this, she said, “Actually, when people were pointing fingers at me, I couldn’t go on the Internet. I was scared. Everyone said I was in the wrong… and mentally, I wasn’t in a good place. It felt weird when the video was released. What actress would welcome a video in which she’s swearing? It felt strange. But it was still a bit of a relief that I was shedding some misunderstanding.”

She said, “When I heard that the video was revealed, I watched it. It was like a drama. People around me were telling me to sue, that the person who leaked the video must be caught. Me? I was just relieved that the truth was revealed.”

She said that she hasn’t seen Yewon since the incident. She said, “Recently, I saw the letter she wrote saying she was sorry for inconveniencing me. There was a time I really hated her, but I was a bit comforted with the fact that she was apologetic.”

When asked if she has forgiven Yewon, she replied, “Rather than forgiving, I think we came too far. I’m very embarrassed. I could have been the bigger person as her senior but I was the same way. I’m very embarrassed. I’m embarrassed to watch that video again. I’m very ashamed.”

In related news, Lee Tae Im has been confirmed to be making an industry comeback through the upcoming cable drama “You’ll Love Me.”

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