Park Hyung Sik Reveals How Kwanghee Changed After “Infinity Challenge”

On the August 10 broadcast of “Healing Camp,” Park Hyung Sik, Im Si Wan, and Kwanghee appeared as guests. During the show, the MC Kim Jae Dong prompts Park Hyung Sik, saying, “There’s word going around that Kwanghee changed since starting ‘Infinity Challenge.'”

Park Hyung Sik jumps on the question as if he were waiting for it, and says, “I was at a team dinner one time and Kwanghee called me. He asked me to go to a movie with him, and I said I couldn’t because I was at a team dinner. And then he said, ‘I’m Kwanghee from ‘Infinity Challenge.’ Don’t you watch TV?'”

Kwanghee, who is flustered that Park Hyung Sik told the story, bows deeply on the stage and immediately apologizes, flooding the studio with laughter.

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