10 Korean Beauty Products That Will Cool You Down

Has the sweltering summer weather got you melting and suffering? Never fear, we have 10 Korean beauty products that will help you beat the heat! Some of these products are amazing for providing chilly relief when you’re outdoors and have limited access to air conditioners and fans. Other products are excellent for relieving your skin after a long day in the blazing sun. Overall, all of these items are designed to keep you calm and cool. Some even have extra benefits! From your head to your feet, we’ve got you completely covered.

1. Etude House Eye’s Cream Mint Cooling

Etude House Eyes Cream Mint Cooling

Etude House Eye’s Cream Mint Cooling is an adorable ice cream-themed eye cream stick designed to provide a cooling sensation for tired and puffy eyes. With the added benefit of SPF 30 PA++, you can apply and reapply this eye cream whenever you want to relieve your eyes. It’s a great item to use in the morning to combat puffiness. For extra coolness, try storing the product in the fridge!

2. Skinfood Glacier Water Gel Mask

Skinfood Glacier Water Gel Mask

Doesn’t the name of this sheet mask alone already make you feel cool? Skinfood’s Glacier Water Gel Mask tones and soothes skin. It’s especially great for individuals with sensitive or oily skin. Since this mask comes in two pieces, it’s a bit easier to customize on different face shapes. Pop it in the fridge and place it on your skin after a long day in the sun to cool down and calm your face.

3. Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Ice Pack

Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Ice Pack

Most definitely the coldest product on this list, Nature Republic’s Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Ice Pack is a literally frozen face mask that will help soothe and cool you down. This product needs to be stored in a freezer in order to be properly cooling. After being frozen, the original jelly-like texture will change into a slushy-like consistency. Simply use the spatula (should be included in the box) to break it up and apply onto your face.

4. The Face Shop Natural Sun Ice Air Puff Sun

TheFaceShop Natural Sun Eco Ice Air Puff Sun

The Face Shop Natural Sun Ice Air Puff Sun is a unique new sunblock that incorporates cooling technology to provide cold sunblock. Simply shake the bottle vigorously, switch the bottle to “ON” and press four to five times. Then you can remove the top puff that now has cooling sunblock on it. Pat it all over your face to get chilly sunblock coverage. This product feels amazing when the weather is sizzling. Even the bottle itself feels cool to the touch! Also, O HUI’s Sun Science Moisture Cooling Sunblock is a great, more luxurious alternative.

5. Skinfood Pore Fit Cushion Bottle

Skinfood Pore Fit Cushion Bottle

Skinfood’s Pore Fit Cushion Bottle has the exact same concept as the sunblocks mentioned above. The only difference is that this product is not described as a sunblock, but is rather a cushion foundation. Thus, it offers lightweight coverage for individuals who want to even out their complexion. It also includes SPF 50 PA+++. Do note that this cushion product offers less coverage than a typical cushion foundation. It’s great for individuals who want super natural coverage with cooling benefits. For people who like more coverage, this product could be used simply as a touch-up product instead.

6. Laneige Homme Cool BB Cream

Laneige Homme Cool BB

The gel-based Laneige Homme Cool BB cream for men provides natural coverage while also being cooling and moisturizing at the same time. The multi-purpose product also includes SPF 25 PA++. Laneige also offers two other different BB Creams, but the Cool BB cream is supposed to be the most natural of the three. Non-irritating and great for all skin types, this would be a great starter Korean beauty product for males who want to even out their skin tone naturally.

7. O HUI Powdery Metal Cushion

O Hui Powdery Metal Cushion

Are you a lover of cushion foundations? Metal cushions are similar in concept except they are sponge-less. The foundation liquid is separated by metal and can be released by pressing on the metal plate with the sponge applicator. Due to the metal barrier, the foundation can feel a bit cooler than normal cushion foundations. The temperature difference is not extreme, but any amount of relief is welcome during scorching weather. O HUI’s Powdery Metal Cushion provides moisture and a powdery finish for flawless skin. If you’re interested in a metal cushion overview, please let us know in the comments!

8. Innisfree Eco Ice Collection

Innisfree Eco Ice Collection

Innisfree’s Eco Ice Collection includes a Body Cooling Gel, a Cotton Toner, and a Head Cooler. The body cooling gel can be applied on your body for a nice cooling effect. As for the cotton toner, the product emits a cooling cotton-like substance that can be applied to any skin that needs cooling. Do NOT spray directly onto your face; instead spray onto hands and then massage where needed. The head cooler is designed to provide cold relief for your scalp. After shaking the bottle vigorously, you can place the tip onto your scalp and press it to feel a cold blast. Avoid spraying the same scalp area multiple times. All of these items provide great relief in the heat, but it’s definitely temporary.

9. It’s Skin Foot & Leg Relaxing Cool Patch

Its Skin Secret Body Solution Foot and Leg Relaxing Cool Patch

The 3-in-1 It’s Skin Leg & Foot Relaxing Cool Patch provides a cooling sensation, a relaxing effect, and relief from fatigue. Can’t be bothered to apply a liquid product on your body? Then try out this convenient patch that you can stick on whenever and wherever. It feels especially incredible after a day full of walking and provides cool comfort for tired legs and feet. Definitely useful when traveling or after long events like concerts!

10. It’s Skin Leg Cool Touch Mist

Its Skin Leg Cool Touch Foot Mist

If you’re not a fan of patches, try this cooling leg and foot mist! The It’s Skin Leg Cool Touch Foot Mist is designed be cooling and relaxing for feet and legs. With mangosteen, grapefruit, gingko leaf, and menthol extracts, the spray provides refreshing relief. Not only is the product superb for cooling and relaxing, it also helps with foot odor! Definitely perfect to keep in your purse or desk for a mid-day pick-me-up.

What do you think of these 10 cooling Korean beauty products? Have you tried any of them? Which are you interested in? Let us know in the comments section!

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