Yoo In Na Shares About Encounters With Men on Europe Trip With IU

Yoo In Na recently took a trip to Europe with her best friend IU and opened up about her time there as soon as she returned to her radio show “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume” on August 10.

One of the listeners asked, “Are Italian men really handsome? I’m debating whether to take my vacation there.” Then Yoo In Na replied, “In my eyes, Korean men are handsome. But do take a trip to Italy.”

She continued, “[IU and I] were in a car and we saw a really charming man with medium-length hair. The weather was really hot but he was wearing a khaki-colored trench coat. So I was just staring at him mesmerized but then IU asked me, “Isn’t he a homeless person?”

So I looked at him again and I saw that he wasn’t wearing any shoes. I’ve only heard that in Italy even homeless men are charming, but I found out it was true.”

Another listener asks, “Then you fell in love with a homeless guy?” and Yoo In Na said, “No. I like Korean men’s plain look. Italian people have that fiery look in their eyes, much like that of an actor. It was overwhelming, and I even felt like the person selling ice cream was going to ask me out.”

Meanwhile, Yoo In Na and IU went on a trip to Europe all by themselves without any staff members. They first got close while filming the variety show “Heroes” and have been best friends ever since.

Have you ever been mesmerized by men while on vacation, too?

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