“Hidden Singer 4” Producer Says There Is a Likely Chance of BoA, Gummy, Kim Jong Kook, and More on the Show

Hidden Singer 4” is slowly finalizing their roster of artists for the upcoming season.

On August 11, JTBC‘s singing variety show “Hidden Singer 4” revealed its first teaser video. In the teaser video, singers like BoA, Min Kyung Hoon, Lee Eun Mi, Gummy, Kim Yeon Woo, and Kim Jong Kook made an appearance.

The show’s producer Jo Seung Wook told the media that “the singers appearing in the teaser video are the singers with a very high possibility of being on the show. But like the previous season, Byun Jin Sub was in the teaser video but was ultimately not on the show because there were no candidates for his special. We are currently holding auditions, and we have candidates for the singers in the video. We think the singers in the video will be on the show, but we would still have to see if we get talented candidates.”

He further added, “It hasn’t been easy, coming as far as season four. We hope that more people apply.”

Watch the first teaser video for the show below.

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