Seohyun Takes on Undercover Mission on “Channel Girls’ Generation”

On the August 11 broadcast of OnStyle reality show “Channel Girls’ Generation,” maknae Girls’ Generation member Seohyun takes on an undercover mission.

The task consists of putting on a disguise and traversing the street Garusogil in Seoul without being recognized. Seohyun dons a black bob wig, snapback, and a pair of glasses that surprisingly do a good job of masking her identity.

Her final mission is to, without the help of the “Channel Girls’ Generation” staff, get a passerby to take a photo of her.

After hesitating a little bit, Seohyun successfully completes the mission by asking a girl, who does not recognize her at all, to snap a photo of her in a store.

What do you think about Seohyun’s undercover mission? Do you think you would have been able to recognize Seohyun in her disguise?