Seohyun Moved to Tears By Other Members’ Kindness on “Channel Girls’ Generation”

On the recent episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation” that aired on August 11, Seohyun became very emotional while thanking the other members for their kindness.

During the show, the other members address the rumor that Seohyun is purposely changing her image from innocent to sexy. To this, Sooyoung claims, “I think this kind of change is good for our maknae. When she wore revealing outfits in the “Gone With the Wind” musical, I was proud of her for trying out new things. I hope she doesn’t rush herself and works as well as she is right now.”

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Hyoyeon adds, “She is forever our maknae so she’s cute and pretty.”

Seohyun then tells her unnies, “I’m so thankful for you guys,” and tears up.

Seeing her cry, the members come up with a “I Love You” song and try to cheer her up.

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What are your opinions on Seohyun’s image change?

Meanwhile, fans can see more of “Channel Girls’ Generation” when it airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. KST.

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