Singer Stephanie spoke about her bed scene in her new music video.

During the showcase for her new song “Prisoner” on August 11, Stephanie spoke about the bed scene that she filmed with the rookie actor Lee Myung Hun.

Stephanie said, “When I heard the explanation that there would be a bed scene, I proposed that we should do a one take video, and we boldly went for it. However, the director said that it was too much and we filmed it in a cute and lighthearted way.”

At this, Lee Myung Hun added, “I was really nervous, but Stephanie led me well. Stephanie has aspects about her that are like a young girl. She was a bit shy too, but she went into character well, so I was thankful.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie’s new solo song “Prisoner” is a retro pop song at its base with a K-pop melody. The song will be released through various music sites on August 12.

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