Seo Yuri Reveals How She Lost 20 kg in 2 Months

Voice actress Seo Yuri revealed how much she used to weigh in the past.

On the August 11 broadcast of tvN’s “Taxi,” the MCs complimented Seo Yuri’s figure as being very pretty. At this, Seo Yuri confesses that she used to weight up to 70 kg (approx. 154 lbs) in the past, and surprised everyone by saying, “I lost 20 kg (approx. 44 lbs) in two months.”

When MC Lee Young Ja asks her how she dieted, Seo Yuri says, “I walked everywhere. If it was a distance of 20 minutes or less, I walked.” She then adds, “I was also dumped by my boyfriend at the time, so I was a bit heartbroken, too.”

seo yuri taxi 2

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