Park Hyung Sik and Im Ji Yeon Talk About What Kind of Drama They Want to Do Together Next

Park Hyung Sik and Im Ji Yeon, who recently co-starred on SBS‘s “High Society” as love interests Chang Soo and Ji Yi, respectively, recently did an interview with TV Report. In the interview, they were given the opportunity to freely ask questions to each other that they were curious about.

During the interview, Im Ji Yeon asked Park Hyung Sik, “If you were to work with me again, not as Chang Soo and Ji Yi but as actor Park Hyung Sik and actress Im Ji Yeon, what kind of project would you want?”

Park Hyung Sik answered, “I would like to do another romantic comedy, a real one. Not a cute couple like Chang Soo and Ji Yi from ‘High Society,’ but a ‘life or death’ romantic comedy. I think it would be fun. I think we could show off a different type of chemistry than that of ‘High Society.'”

To this answer, Im Ji Yeon commented, “Park Hyung Sik’s fans really hated me on ‘High Society.’ The reason was that Chang Soo and Ji Yi were too cute. I had talked about this with Park Hyung Sik before, and he refuted, ‘Isn’t it worse in acting if the fans aren’t jealous?’ Hearing that, I thought I made a mistake [in my thinking].”

She then clarified with a laugh that she and Park Hung Sik have a true sibling-like relationship.

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