Hong Jin Young Undergoes Colon Surgery After Incidental Findings on “Vitamin”

It was revealed that trot singer Hong Jin Young underwent colon polypectomy.

During a recent KBS2′s “Vitamin” recording, polyps were discovered in the singer’s ascending colon. Polyps are benign growths that could eventually become colon cancer.

In actual fact, it was relayed that even before the test results were revealed, she was worried about her health because she often skips meals and eats unhealthy food because of her busy schedule.

Hong Jin Young said, “‘Vitamin’ saved my life,” and promised, “From now one, I’ll get regular colonoscopies and take better care of my health.”

Her agency commented, “The day after her colonoscopy, she received her colon polypectomy surgery. Fortunately, they were small so they were easily removed. As of now, there are no problems with her health.”

Meanwhile, this episode of “Vitamin,” which deals with colon cancer, will air on August 12.

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