Suzy Transforms Into a Designer for Beanpole Accessories

Beanpole Accessories spokemodel, Suzy, has transformed into a designer for the brand. The luxury label revealed a video showing the story behind how she came to design the latest bag from their collection.

The starlet participated directly in the creation of the Bonnie Bag and also selected the specific leather and color variations. She wanted to design a comfortable yet trendy bag that could be used on a daily basis.

Beanpole Accessories will be releasing two more videos related to Suzy’s bag. The next episode will feature the miss A member styling the Bonnie Bag. As for the last installment, it will reveal details on how some lucky individuals can win various presents from Suzy. This last event will start on August 24 and end on September 6. Winners will be announced on September 30.

Check out Suzy and her bag in the video below:

What do you think of her designing skills?

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