Joo Ji Hoon Spotted on Date With Girlfriend Ga In?

Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In are still a happy couple, and they don’t seem to be afraid of a little public display of affection.

On August 12, a post titled “Joo Ji Hoon Ga In?” that included pictures was uploaded online.

In the first picture, Joo Ji Hoon can be seen in a bar-like atmosphere. In the second picture, the backside of the couple can be spotted. Wearing the same fedora as Joo Ji Hoon is in the first photo, the man can be seen holding up a girl, presumably girlfriend Ga In.

The original poster explains the situation saying Joo Ji Hoon held Ga In up when she was having a hard time seeing the performance due to her small height.

Joo Ji Hoon Ga In

Joo Ji Hoon

Despite the photos, it has not been confirmed whether or not the couple in the second picture is in fact Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In.

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