Liam Neeson to Play General MacArthur in Film “Operation Chromite”

Liam Neeson will be taking on the role of one of Korea’s greatest heroes during the Korean War.

In an official press release on August 12, the team behind “Operation Chromite” confirmed, “Liam Neeson has been casted as General MacArthur for ‘Operation Chromite.’”

The blockbuster is being produced by Taewon Entertainment and directed by director Lee Jae Han, whose previous works include “71: Into the Fire” and “A Moment to Remember.”

Liam Neeson has built a solid fan base throughout his career through the “Taken” series, “Batman Begins,” “Titan,” “Nonstop,” and more. In “Operation Chromite,” he plays UN commander-in-chief MacArthur who saved South Korea from being engulfed by its enemy through the Battle of Incheon.

“Operation Chromite” is slated for release on the Korean War anniversary next year.

What are your thoughts on Liam Neeson taking on this role in “Operation Chromite”?

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