After the news of conflict between Topp Dogg members and their agency Stardom Entertainment, reports of the agency’s girl group EvoL‘s disbandment started to surface.

Daily Sports reported on August 12 that multiple industry insiders have confirmed that the girl group has technically disbanded when Stardom Entertainment merged with Hunus Entertainment.

During the merge, Stardom Entertainment’s CEO Cho PD only took members Jucy and Say with him. The other three members, Hayana, Yull, and J-Da, had their contracts terminated.

One insider told the press, “Hayana, Yull, and J-Da were probably taken aback because their contracts were terminated,” adding, “we are under the impression that the three members were not explained exactly why their contracts were terminated when the companies merged.”

Hunus Entertainment took a careful stance on the matter, stating, “We are still figuring out the details of the contracts.”

It is also being reported that multiple trainees under Stardom have terminated their contracts and left the agency. One insider who claimed to be a former employee of Stardom told the media, “There were issues with finances, but I think there were dissatisfaction with the lack of support by the company. Entertainment is ultimately a business done by the people. [Cho PD] basically turned his back on his employees and the artists who sacrificed their entire youth for the company [during the merge with Hunus Entertainment.]”

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