YG Responds to KBS Ban on GD&TOP’s “ZUTTER”

YG Entertainment has responded to KBS‘ broadcast ban on BIGBANG subunit GD&TOP‘s new song “ZUTTER.”

On August 12, KBS’ review board deemed “ZUTTER” unfit for broadcast because of the content of the song and coarse language in the lyrics and title.

YG Entertainment responded, announcing that there would be no revisions to the song, “In order to maintain the meaning of the song, we have no plans to change the lyrics of ‘ZUTTER.'”

“ZUTTER” was not the only song banned by the KBS review board this review round. Primary‘s “Just Like U” and “Mileage,” and several others were also deemed unfit for broadcast.

What are your thoughts on YG Entertainment’s decision to keep “ZUTTER” the way it is?

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