2PM’s Taecyeon Lives Fanboy Dream By Taking Photos With Ha Ji Won

2PM‘s Taecyeon has been a longtime fan of actress Ha Ji Won, to the point that he often names her when he’s asked to describe his ideal type in interviews. His fanboy dreams recently came true when he got to meet Ha Ji Won and take some cute photos with her!

Ha Ji Won is currently filming the SBS drama “The Time We Were Not In Love” while Taecyeon is shooting KBS‘s “Assembly.” It seems like the two shows were filming at the same studio on August 12, which gave Taecyeon the opportunity to meet his crush.

Taecyeon posted several tweets about their meeting on his Twitter. He first shares a shot of himself with Ha Ji Won’s coffee cart that was on set, as well as some pictures of the coffee cup – including one next to a coffee from his own cart.




He then builds up the suspense by breaking up the following message into three tweets: “Finally,” “eight years after my debut,” “it’s time for my wish to come true~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”.

He tweets a picture of himself presenting the actress herself, with the caption, “Tada~~~~~~~~ The goddess has arrived~~~~~~”.


He next shares more shots of them together, and you can clearly see that he’s got a Ha Ji Won sticker on his shirt!


Ha Ji Won also posted the above photo to her Instagram with the caption, “With the cool Taecyeon~ Fighting, ‘Assembly.'”

Would you like Ha Ji Won to guest on “Three Meals a Day” to see more of these two?

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