Fans Camp Out in Line for Up to Two Days for “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival

The much-anticipated 2015 “Infinity Challenge” music festival will be taking place on August 13, but some fans have been camped out outside the venue since August 11!

This year’s music festival has an impressive lineup that includes musicians BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang, Hyukoh, IU, Park Jin Young, Yoon Sang, and Zion.T. Each musician has been teamed up with a member of the “Infinity Challenge” cast, and viewers have watched each team prepare their song for the festival over the past several weeks.

The festival is set to take place in the evening on August 13 at a ski jumping arena in Pyeongchang, a county on the east side of South Korea that will hold the 2018 Winter Olympics. A member of the production staff says that they chose the location because fans have been requesting that the show come to an area outside of Seoul and Gyeonggi province.

There are no reserved seats at the venue, so people will be grabbing spots by order of arrival. A representative from “Infinity Challenge” says that at maximum they will be admitting 30,000 people into the venue to watch the show, and that there are both standing and sitting sections.

It’s reported that fans have been holding spots in line for the concert since August 11, which means they had two nights of camping out ahead of them when they arrived.


According to some posts, there were about thirty groups of people who grabbed the first spots, but by 2 p.m. on August 12 there were already around 200 people. Lots of people seem to have brought umbrellas to try to protect themselves from the sun, while others went so far as to set up tents. By now, there are many more fans that have joined the line despite the hot weather and the forecast of rain.


The photo above was posted to an online community with the caption “There are 30 people in front of me.”

The “Infinity Challenge” staff are requesting that people wait to watch the show on TV when it airs on August 22 instead of trying to watch it in person, in order to avoid the stifling humidity and traffic. They’ve also encouraged those who want to come to the show to arrive just before it begins because they assure fans that all the seats in the venue will provide a great view.

Would you line up for two days to see the “Infinity Challenge” music festival in person?

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