Kim Jong Kook’s Impressive Appearance Fees for Chinese TV Revealed!

Singer Kim Jong Kook’s fees for appearing on Chinese TV were made known to public on the August 12 episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

Announcer Kim Il Joong talks about a survey that asks who the most influential Hallyu star is in China. The survey places Lee Jong Suk at third place, Kim Jong Kook at second and Kim Soo Hyun at the top of the list.

CEO Mok Ji Won of China Entertainment revealed, “Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Jong Kook are neck and neck. ‘Running Man’ has received five percent ratings in China. That is equivalent to getting 50 percent ratings in Korea.”

She also notes, “Kim Jong Kook’s salary on one of the shows was 2,000,000 CNY (approx. 312,000 USD). On another show, he received 8,000,000 CNY (approx. 1,248,000 USD).”

kimjongkook-running man team

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