Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk to Play Young Sweethearts

On August 13, a source spoke with Ilgan Sports and revealed, “Kim Sae Ron will be acting in MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Glorious Temptation’ (working title). Nam Joo Hyuk will play the younger counterpart for the male lead role.”

The fifteen-year-old actress will be playing the younger counterpart for the female lead character named Shin Eun Soo. Her character is described as an individual who learns about money from a young age. The drama will cover ambition, greed, truth, and revenge. It certainly sounds like an intense soap opera already.

More details disclose that there will be a female who suffers unfortunate circumstances and another female character will be jealous of her. Also, the drama will center on a man’s revenge story.

Having been seven months since her last drama “Snowy Road,” the young actress is expected to portray a more mature image that is a departure from her child actress past.

Filming will begin during mid-August. The younger counterparts are expected to appear up to the fourth episode. Writer Son Young Mok of “May Queen” and “Golden Rainbow” fame will be writing. Meanwhile, Kim Sang Hyup PD who worked on “7th Grade Civil Servant” and “Mama” will be helming the drama.

Are you excited to see the young actors in this drama? Who would you cast for the older counterparts?

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