Seo In Young Shares How a Bad Breakup Took a Toll on Her Body

Seo In Young recently paid a visit to SBS Power FM2 O’ Clock Escape Cultwo Show” and revealed how she managed to get through a bad breakup.

DJ Jung Chan Woo asked, “I heard you gained 5 kg recently, is it true?” Seo In Young then replied, “I weighed 39 kg before. I went through a difficult breakup and lost weight.”

She continued, “I feel better now and gained about 5 kg. These days, I always crave pig feet at midnight. The other day I ate marinated crabs by myself. Alone,” and shared a funny yet sad story.

Meanwhile, Seo In Young recently made a comeback and has been currently promoting “Lies” on various music shows.

Can you empathize with Seo In Young?

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